• Dr. Garry Bonsall

    Dr. Garry Bonsall, Dental Surgeon, is Basel's English Swiss dentist 

    He has helped over 20 000 happy patients.

    Garry is Switzerland's Most Liked Dentist on Facebook, he is the first Swiss dentist to accept Bitcoin and is the author of 3 award-winning, dental-health books in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German and English to conquer tooth loos caused by gum-disease. 

    Schedule your appointment online (below) for your own gentle, dental care.  Come and discuss adult and children's braces at guaranteed, fixed prices, implants, beautiful and natural diamond-porcelain cosmetic veneers and crowns, routine prevention of tooth decay for kids and dental hygienist care.

    Difficult cases are welcome. 

    Garry says: " I hope  Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX will soon travel to Mars. My own mission is to cure gum disease down here on earth" 

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Award-winning dental wellness  books by author Dr Garry Bonsall

  • “…brilliant ...well written, informative" 

    Jack Magnus

    "...caused a revolution in our household" Sarah Stuart 

    "Easy to read…clear and uncluttered, a valuable and attractive,  must read.."   Lisa McCombs

    "promoting best practice in dental health"

    Hilary Hawkes 

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Meet some of our 20 000 thousand happy patients

  • "It's not every day one meets such a kind dentist." - R.M.

  • "Thank you for dealing with my dental problems so quickly and painlessly." - J.S.

  • “Dr. Bonsall has given me beautiful teeth and confidence in dentists." - I.D.

  • "I feel like a different person after the wonderful work Dr. Bonsall has done."

    - R.B. 

  • "The first time in 30 years at the dentist without fear." - E.T. 

  • "Professionally probably the very best, he means painless." - R.E.