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    "...caused a revolution in our household" Sarah Stuart 

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Meet some of our happy patients... 

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    "It's not every day one meets such a kind dentist."




    "I feel like a different person after the wonderful work Dr. Bonsall has done." 


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    "Thank you for dealing with my dental problems so quickly and painlessly."




    "The first time in 30 years at the dentist without fear." 


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    “Dr. Bonsall has given me beautiful teeth and confidence in dentists."




    "Professionally probably the very best, he means painless."



I love being a dentist, being with and helping people, making their lives more enjoyable. I am in awe of the trust and hope they place in me. Over 20 000 happy patients have  trusted me with their two most valuable commodities: their health and their money. I have that challenge to live up to.

My confirmation that I am doing things well is when my happy patients bring along their own family, friends and loved ones to see me.  Some say: “Oh doctor, please don’t shout at me when you see the bad state of my teeth.” I don’t! I love the opportunity to give them a huge “before and after” difference. 

The best compliment I can get is when my patients  say that I have given them not only a beautiful new smile and that they can now eat whatever they wish - but that they have also gotten back their lost self-confidence and self-esteem. Many are overjoyed at loosing their fear of dentists. It’s surprising, but getting new teeth can actually change your life!  

Many patients return with a new hair-do, or a new outfit - some even come back with a new partner! I enjoy the art involved in creating beautiful new smiles and teeth and aim to imitate the divine beauty in nature.

Lili, Barbara and Valentina and Marioour expert Italian artist, our practice laboratory dental technician are also very important members of our  team. 

Our hygienist, Mimi also maintains the healthy condition of the mouth, cleaning, bleaching, fissure-sealing, offering fluoride to reduce sensitivity and caries and preventing problems over the long term. 

I took my degree in dental surgery in Manchester and have founded three wonderful, leading and attractive dental clinics, one in central Frankfurt, Germany, one in sunny  Mallorca, Spain and I am now in beautiful Basel, Switzerland. 

Call us today, join our family of happy patients and let me know if there' s anything I can also do for you... 

Garry Bonsall