Your First Visit

at Basel's English- Swiss Dental Practice

What's going to happen?

First, we make your diagnosis. Good dental care depends on good planning!  A clinical and orthodontic examination, diagnosis and inspection of your lymph nodes, soft-tissue examination, teeth, jaw joints, teeth, tongue and gums and soft-tissue cancer screening. 

An OPG x-ray examination and diagnosis of all your teeth, both jaws, gums and amalgam or plastic composite. An OPT is a “time machine” - it shows you your past dental history, your  present condition and allows us to plan together your treatment for your future

 A dental consultation, medical evaluation and explanation regarding your diagnosis and all your personal possible dental care treatment alternatives, risks, and prices. 

A routine cleaning of your teeth by the hygienist. 

Impressions may be taken to make bespoke home-bleaching trays to gently, safely bleach and whiten your teeth at home. 

Dental pain, toothache or dental emergencies are, of course treated immediately – without prior appointment. 

Second and subsequent visits 

After this full clinical and radiographic diagnosis, a cleaning and consultation and explanation about your treatment alternatives, we then plan and arrange your further treatment appointments. Risks, costs, alternatives and after-care are  explained. You will also discover “The 4 Secrets your dentist never tells you” at this appointment. Please do not reveal these secrets to your friends. If they wish to know, they have to come too! “The 4 Secrets” demonstrate our sincerity to care for you and empower you. You will know the time-frame from start to finish and the number and duration of each visit to complete your dental care. Don’t worry, I will keep it all quite simple and understandable. 

Subsequent visits: your treatment starts  

A written dental-estimate will be offered before starting your crown, cosmetic care, bridgework, implants, gum treatments or dentures.

You will never get any unpleasant, unexpected bills. Most prices are fixed and understandable, we use no complicated tax-point multiplicators.  You can choose to complete your quality dental care in one go, or in steps, according to your own, personal financial and time budget. You decide. 

Future Prevention 

Once your often expensive reparative dental care is completed, we then go over to the economic, dental hygiene prevention phase –  to insure your investment of your hard-earned money in your health, in your new teeth and your new smile gives you a life-time of enjoyment and self-confidence. 

Our guarantee to you!  

All our dental care is guaranteed. No “ifs” or “buts”. “But me no buts” – William Shakespeare

We wish you to be sincerely happy to recommend us to your friends, colleagues  and family. Last – but not least

If you are not happy, please tell us! 

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If you are happy, please tell all your friends!