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How my dad’s dilemma changed my life

"Let Elon Musk conquer Mars. My mission is simply to stop needless tooth loss – on this planet !” – Garry Bonsall

Dr Garry Bonsall, English Dentist and Author, Basel, Switzerland


I‘ll never forget my father coming home late that evening. He was totally enraged! A straight-talking, successful Yorkshire businessman, he left my mum and I in no doubt just how upset and angry he was.

A Yorkshire terrier


What had happened? The third dentist in a row, he  complained to us, had just told him that he must have all his teeth out! And he was still only fifty! He was naturally shocked and upset, because he had gone regularly to his dentist for check-ups and cleanings and had always brushed his teeth. He had placed his trust in his dentist all his life and yet, suddenly, he had to have all his teeth removed? How could that happen to him? Was that fair? I felt sorry for him. 

My parents on their wedding day


Fortunately for my dad, I had an idea. Was I perhaps, luckily, in a great and a unique position to help him to keep all his teeth? It just so happened that I was then a final-year dental student at Manchester University. And it also just so happened that I had chosen to specialise in gum disease and treatments in my final, elective year. 

Manchester University. I turned down Medicine at Oxford University preferring

to study Dental Surgery at Manchester

Would I be able to help my dad – as a mere student – when three experienced dentists could not? This was indeed the sort of patient for whom I had been acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. Perhaps it was not luck, but destiny, as it was my father who had recommended me to become a dentist.


My Tesla – helping finance Elon get to Mars


My personal experience, seeing with my own eyes from my father’s point of view, and starting early on with my dad’s dental care strongly and passionately motivated me. It continues to motivate my professional interest even today to research, investigate, question, treat and prevent gum disease and tooth loss.


I am going to blog weekly my 4 guaranteed, scientific facts and tell you about the unique plan I created and developed with research from my 20 000 Patients, to help anyone and everyone, anywhere on our beautiful, blue planet:

Meanwhile, back down here on earth, half the global population have missing, 

decayed and filled teeth…


My simple strategy guarantees you fresh breath, healthy gums, white teeth and prevents tooth loss. Amazingly, gum disease still remains the most widespread disease on our planet today! My mission: to stop tooth loss and decay on this planet. Isn’t it about time?


My great practice team at Basel English Dentist, Switzerland


That evening, in our home, the effects of gum disease and the horror of tooth loss had impacted vividly upon MY world. Many people also lose their teeth individually and slowly. Perhaps, had the dentists removed dad’s teeth one by one, the shock and the consequences would not have been so alarming. Perhaps, however, the horror of losing all one’s teeth at one go was indeed a good thing, looking back, as it inspired this blog, taken from my book.

I hope my story, which started with my own father, will also benefit you, your friends and your family.

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