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Did you remember to change your toothbrush this month? A new brush each month is the best insurance for your teeth and dental health!

Dental implants, like real teeth, can also suffer from gum disease, the most widespread disease on the planet. My new patient presented at my dental office in Basel having already lost almost 2/3 of the supporting bone around her implants. The dental implant threads are no longer in bone, but exposed. Attempts at deep-cleaning around these implant threads by the hygienist are fruitless, so I surgically re-positoned the gum and bone and removed the chronic gum infection. This remodelling of the anatomy will help the patient in future to brush more efficiently and eliminate all the plaque and bacteria. The ability to remove the plaque more easily every day will dramatically reduce the previous rapid rate of bone loss. I recommend all my patients to treat themselves to a new toothbrush every month, to ensure that all these destructive, bone-destroying periodontal bacteria are removed twice a day. This works for my 20 000 patients but I want to help more people who are not my patients. So I wrote my easy-to-follow e-book such that, hopefully, others may also benefit. M

Patients often ask me: “what is the best dental insurance? ” They expect me to name a dental  insurance  company. But the best insurance you can get for your dental health is simply to buy a new toothbrush each month. Twelve new tooth brushes a year and gentle brushing twice a day will keep your breath fresh, teeth white and gums pink.

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