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Discover how to save your teeth - "The 4 secrets your dentist never told you!"

Have you ever wondered: “there must be a dentist SOMEWHERE with the answers to my problems”? 

Are you worried about loosing your teeth, about having toothache, pain or bad breath, about huge dental bills? Are you horrified of visiting the dentist? Your grandma probably told you: “Look  after your teeth!” Thanks,  granny –  but how, exactly does one do that? She never told you, did she? And how do you know your dentist is actually any good?  I treat gum disease in just one morning. My patients come with gum disease and leave, before lunch, with NO GUM DISEASE. But what's more important, is STOPPING  the gum disease from starting in the first place! I have now placed all the facts I have discovered and learned over 30 years from 20 000 patients and I reveal all in a simple,  easy-to-follow strategy, a life-long plan, to prevent gum disease and tooth loss in my book: 

The 4 Secrets Your Dentist Never Told You!

(1) The 4 Secrets Your Dentist Never Told You - get white teeth, pink gums , fresh breath for life! 

Discover how my father’s own gum disease led me to develop a simple-to-follow plan to help others – FOR YOU!  Not everyone has a son studying to be a dentist! My guarantee: The price of  the book is a bargain, compared to the money – and pain – you will save at the dentists. Plus – you don’t even need to go to the dentist  for the simple strategy I will reveal to start working  FOR YOU ! 

You need NO DENTIST for this book

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(2) Save Money at the Dentist - learn what to do and ask when you visit YOUR DENTIST.  

Print out the enclosed check-list for your next dentist visit. Most patients trust and are passive and accept without question what the dentist says. He is,  after all, the doctor. Today, it's time for the patient to be empowered, informed, educated and enlightened and to ask their dentist the right questions and to be involved in planning their own treatment and to get the best and know all their own alternatives and treatment options. This great book empowers you to make sure your dentist gives you the right care! It will save you loads of money

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(3) Kiss, Smile, Eat and Feel Great!  Replace Your Missing Teeth -  reveals how to get the best new teeth from your dentist  if you already have lost teeth or have gum disease.

As you get older, you have less and less caries and bad teeth. But you start to suffer more from gum disease and material fatigue of your existing fillings. Tooth loss can occur. The series of 3 books shows how your teeth change and gum disease progresses chronologically as you age. And it gives you practical, easy SOLUTIONS to each!

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Book 1 is for younger patients, book 3 for the older patient who may have lost some or all the teeth.  Book two is for middle-aged patients. But everyone is part of a family, so all three books form part of a total strategy for your whole life. And the lives of your parents, and children. Now, granny can give this to her grandkids and they really will know how to “look after their teeth”! 

Why wait and risk pain and huge dental bills and bad breath and tooth loss? 

 Coming in  2018 in Russian and Chinese