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    Dr. Garry Bonsall is a leading Swiss-British dental surgeon, in private dental practice in Basel, Switzerland.

    Garry qualified in dental surgery from Manchester University. He practised three years in Cheshire, England, then studied implantology and surgery in Mainz and Hanau Stadkrankenhaus, Hessen, before opening his private dental implantology clinic and ceramic laboratory in  Frankfurt, Germany.

    Garry provided local German and many international bankers, stockbrokers, diplomats, ex-patriates and their families with high quality, holistic private care for 14 years. He carried out more than 2,500 gum disease operations to treat periodontal disease. He was awarded his PhD (Dr. med. dent.) in 1990 from Mainz University Medical School

    Garry is a Harley Street trained facial rejuvenation specialist 

     He has acquired extensive dental experience, caring for over 20 000 happy patients, providing full-mouth restorative dental care, braces, botox, dermal fillers, gum treatments, prevention and extensive, and cosmetic full-smile dental make-overs.

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Mallorca: In 1997, Garry moved with his family to Mallorca, where he founded another successful family dental clinic, treating over 6 000 local Spanish and international patients. In 2000, Garry was awarded his Degree in Implantology from the Universities of Göteburg, Sweden and Barcelona. Garry is founder-president of a Spanish-registered neighbourhood association which won € 3 million to regenerate his barrio in Mallorca. 

Switzerland: Since 2012, Garry and his family have been resident in Basel, Switzerland. Garry is a boy-scout leader in Aesch at the ISB school and enjoys fly fishing and studying history.  He is an off-shore skipper and enjoys hiking, cycling and flying. Garry is a qualified off-shore yachtsman, drives an an emission-free, silent Tesla, is a  helicopter and fixed-wing pilot and, since his undergraduate days, is an active member of the *Bahai faith. Garry worked on social media in 2015-2016 and succeeded in reducing punitive taxes by 95% on electric cars in Basel 

*The Bahai International Community ( NGO ) has Consultant Status at the United Nations in women's rights, sustainable development and the environment.

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Mario our Practice Technician, Mimi, dental hygiene and Valentina a dental nurse practice hygiene and recycling, all form our great team.

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Giving something back

Garry is also the creator and Founder-President of  “Veïns i Amics de Gotmar AAVV” a Spanish-registered association in Mallorca. Thanks to the collaboration of committee members, journalists from the Mallorcan press, TV, municipal engineers and support from local and regional politicians, the mayor and members of the council of Pollensa, lawyers, friends, members and neighbours, € 3 million was budgeted to regenerate the neighbourhood. A unanimous vote in Pollensa town council was taken by politicians to support Dr Bonsall's association and regenerate our neighbourhood. By 2016, € 3 000 000 had already been invested in beautiful new streets .

In Basel Garry was shocked to get a huge tax-bill for his clean, silent Tesla electric car. He then worked to reduce punitive taxes on electric cars and taxes were eventually reduced by 95%, according with the Paris Global Warming agreements. 

Garry´s wife, Dr. med. Irene Bonsall, is a Basel-born general and internal medicine family doctor in Urs Graf Strasse 12, Gellert, Basel www.PraxisimGellert.ch  

Garry is currently enjoying learning Basel Deutsch!


Some patients say:

 “Oh doctor, please don’t shout at me when you see the bad state of my teeth.” I don’t! I love the opportunity to give them a huge “before and after” difference.  

I love being a dentist, being with and helping people, making their lives more enjoyable. I am in awe of the trust and hope my patients have placed in me. Over 20 000 happy patients have trusted me with their two most valuable commodities: their health and their money. 

When my happy patients bring along their own family, friends and loved ones to see me, this is my confirmation that I am doing things well 


The best compliment I can get is when my patients  say that I have given them not only a beautiful new smile and that they can now eat whatever they wish - but that they have also gotten back their lost self-confidence and self-esteem. Many are overjoyed at loosing their fear of dentists.

It’s surprising, but getting new teeth can actually change your life!  


Many patients return with a new hair-do, or a new outfit - some even come back with a new partner! I enjoy the art involved in creating beautiful new smiles and teeth and aim to imitate the divine beauty in nature.


I took my degree in dental surgery in Manchester and have founded three wonderful, leading and attractive dental clinics, one in central Frankfurt, Germany, one in sunny  Mallorca, Spain and I am now in beautiful Basel, Switzerland. 


Call us today, join our family of happy patients and let me know if there' s anything I can also do for you... 

Garry Bonsall