Leading Swiss Dental Surgeon 

ISO Certificate 9001

Our small, discrete  private dental clinic is  committed to, and accords with, the latest ISO 9001 quality management guidelines, to give the latest, efficient, constant quality patient care available.

We do not just tick boxes, but exceed and are constantly evolving, evaluating and improve upon these standards. We offer no-nonsense, unbureaucratic, can-do,  innovative, unprecedented cutting-edge care. Our patients love it! 

Document with ISO Certificate 9001

Dr Garry Bonsall, Dental Surgeon,

Swiss-licensed General Dental Practitioner 


  • Emergency and pain dental care is administered on the same day,  planned dental treatment is given only by prior appointment
  • Holiday locums are mentioned both on our website and our answering service 061 271 06 04
  • An appointment diary is kept at the desk, both in pencil and electronically
  • Equipment checklist, warranties and maintenance is kept updated
  • Materials used are un-expired, LOT  traceable and recorded
  •  Records of your lab work and guaranties are kept
  •  Your digital and analogue X-Ray records are archived, backed-up bi-weekly  and dated
  • The latest, autoclave sterilisation (B) of equipment is carried out and computer-generated records are kept
  •  Patient feedback is very welcome, as are recommendations from our patients to their friends. Feedback is available on the web, on Facebook, Google, Twitter and directly, to help us improve our care
  • Our price list is available in easy to understand, “restaurant-carte”  form, at reception desk. We use no confusing, unintelligible SSO tax-point multipliers.
  •  Written, simple-to-understand estimates for larger treatments are provided, signed and records kept
  • Swiss Import taxes (MwSt) are paid on anylaboratory work from Germany
  • VISA and cash payments are recorded and receipts given immediately
  • Weekly staff consultations are scheduled and recorded.