Holistic, pain-free, hi-tech family dental care – in English 

- Why teeth are like the cogs in a Swiss watch -
  • What is holistic dental care?

Health is more than the mere absence of obvious disease or the treatment of dental disease, gum disease and tooth decay. Mercury and plastic, “composite” fillings and antiseptic mouth washes, like “Listerine” for example, do more harm than good, destroying the body´s delicate, symbiotic eco-systems. 

  • Chemical mouth washes

Chemical mouth-washes destroy all the oral flora, the bad and the good bacteria. This desertification the mouth, the salivary glands, the taste buds, the tonsils, the cheeks, defenceless to air-borne fungi, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Teeth which cannot be cleaned daily or dead teeth with low-grade, sub-clinical chronic infections and periodontitis evoke arteriosclerosis and a chronic debilitating immune rejection response. Gum disease, bad breath or halitosis, often caused by xerostomia or “dry-mouth” syndrome and periodontal bone destruction are still the most widespread, common global diseases.  

  • Root-filled, dead teeth

Dead, root-filled teeth can harbour anaerobic, suppurative or dry gangrenous bacteria, a source of chronic infection which can debilitate the whole body. Any inadequately filled, root-canal treated teeth with no filling sealing the apical third of the root may be the cause of general health problems. The body´s immune system is constantly cranked up, on a “pilot light”. This creates stress, steroid release, fatigue, arteriosclerosis and vascular and heart problems. Mis-diagnosed migraines, fatigue, neck, back, shoulder and pains can be caused by ill-aligned jaw joints. Often, spectacular general health improvements may occur following the extraction of pain-free, chronically infected teeth or non-vital, root-filled, dead teeth. Root-filled teeth can exhibit low-grade, festering abcesses, particularly if they are not filled and sealed to the apical third, where the secondary microscopic root canal-delta is situated. Often, apical abcesses or cysts, deep in the bone of the jaws can be seen on x-ray of dead teeth. I do not advocate the automatic extraction of all root-filled teeth. A dentist should cause no harm. A well done root-filling can last years and cause no general health problems. Only if a root-filled tooth is associated with a general health ailment, or if x-rays clearly show bone disease, or the filling is inadequate, should you consider further care. 

  • Mercury-copper-tin toxic fillings

Toxic mercury amalgam, or grey,“lead” fillings, undergo material fatigue and creep, corrode, crack and crumble after several years, releasing poisonous mercury particles and droplets into the lymphatic, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. Chronic heavy metal poisoning, from mercury or other metals, can cause many symptoms and diseases. Lead poisoning is well known. Mercury bio-accumulates in the food-chain and has been found in tuna. Some countries prohibit the use of mercury fillings in women, as mercury droplets can cross the placenta. It is illegal, an environmental crime, to pour mercury into the Rhine, but a dentist will invoice you to fill your tooth with it! The United Nations is now prohibiting the use of mercury in both thermometers and new dental fillings. A plastic material which flows, amalgam adapts its shape to the cavity but gives the tooth no strength. Larger cavities need cast restorations. An amalgam fillings are often over-challenged in large fillings. 

  • White plastic fillings 

 Larger, plastic or “composite” fillings, while looking nice and white and cosmetic, but are often unable to be sealed hermetically at the gum margins due to polymerization shrinkage and unfavourable enamel crystal orientation. Bacteria enter and breed under the filling, invade the nerve and slowly kill the tooth. The result is an acutely painful abcess, a dry or suppurative anaerobic gangreneous infection and bacteraemia. The chronic, slow death of the tooth may be painless, with bone cavitation and destruction. The lymph glands swell and are painful, lethargy and general fatigue sets in. The eyes cease to shine. Old, fractured and unsatisfactory mercury or larger plastic fillings can be replaced with electrically and galvanically neutral, white porcelain. Composites are indicated only for small, one surface cavities.


  •  Bite adjustment

 Mandibular repositioning and bite adjustment may dramatically help many “migraine” and Parkinson sufferers by reducing the pressure at the base of the skull. Bruxism or “night-grinding” can be reduced or eliminated by balancing of the jaw in both its static and protrusive movement positions. Clicking jaws are not necessarily unhealthy. However, a scratching sound on opening may indicate arthritis and arthrosis. The lower jaw moves in two ways: the initial opening is a rotating movement, like a hinged door. As it opens further, the whole jaw glides forward and downwards, like a sliding door. Both jaw joints must be in harmony at each point of movement, in balance and harmony with the teeth and the muscles, to prevent pain and stress in the face, neck and shoulders. A bi-lateral balance of the facial muscle is important to enable the correct meeting of all the teeth at once, on booth sides, while closing and while chewing. Think of balancing the wheels on your car. Over-erupted teeth, poor crowns, dentures or fillings, tipped teeth or a disharmony of the two principal balancing curves of the biting surfaces of the teeth may cause imbalances. The jaw must open and close like well-fitting sliding door. 

  •  Missing teeth

The teeth and jaws should have a synchronized movement like a Swiss watch. Each tooth is like one cog in delicate system. Imagine your watch lost just one cog… Missing teeth not only cause a fatiguing imbalance or headache, but create a “domino effect”: each missing teeth has a negative effect, both on its neighbouring teeth and also in the opposite jaw. Missing teeth mean less efficient and poor chewing and trituration, such that vitamins, fibre and essential elements are lost from an otherwise healthy diet. This, is turn, can cause then osteoporosis and diabetes,as well as obesity, heart attacks and strokes. Missing teeth mean that the remaining teeth have to work “overtime” to make up for the lost teeth.


Teeth with black toxic mercury filling


Black, toxic mercury-amalgam filling, top left, with a white, leaking carious plastic filling. The contact point has been lost and food fibres between the teeth are causing pain, gum swelling, redness and bone infection. White fillings are only safe if used on one, small surface. Here, 4 of the tooth´s 5 surfaces have been patched up with a huge white plastic filling. White may look nice but the plastic material is contra-indicated for large fillings. Secondary caries and dental decay is present all around the unsealed margins. Both these teeth were infected and decayed. Leaking toxic mercury from the filling is erroneously praised for its ability to kill oral bacteria. The mechanical properties of these two plastic, flowing dental materials are far exceed in both restorations. This is “patchwork” dental care. General bodily health starts in your mouth We are what we eat: not only is a beautiful smile important. Teeth are the first part of the digestive system, important for general health and well-being. Even if you eat a good diet, the goodness cannot be absorbed into the body if it has not been chewed and prepared well in the mouth. A healthy diet, local seasonal food, prepared lovingly with patience and cooked well and eaten in peaceful, romantic surroundings, is important to both body and soul. 

  •  Domino effect

It takes two millstones to grind corn. It takes two to tango. Teeth also need their partners. If top teeth, say, are missing and not replaced, their partner teeth in the lower jaw cannot chew. It is as if they were also missing. One lost tooth means that two teeth loose function. These lonely partner teeth are now “unemployed”. An imbalance occurs, like when your car wheels loose those little lead balancing weights and the steering wheel shudders. Your jaw joints becomes mis-aligned. Muscles in the face become un-balanced and tense. Migraine, wrinkles, back-pains and arthritis can result. The few teeth which still remain have to work overtime in your chewing factory. They quickly become exhausted and fatigued and they tip, tilt and are soon lost. Total tooth loss and full dentures are the logical result of the loss of even one tooth, due to this biological “domino effect”. 

Function, beauty and hygiene are our aim

I aim to give you value for your hard-earned money and life-long enjoyment from your beautiful new teeth.  

  • Function 

You should be able to eat what you wish to eat, not what you can eat. Soft-bone diseases, osteoporosis, tooth decay, gum disease, periodontosis (Paradontose) diabetes, strokes and heart problems often arise when people cannot chew and eat those healthy foods that they would like to choose. 

  •  Beauty

Your teeth and crowns should reflect the beauty of nature and be white and beautiful. Quality dental work looks natural. By definition, one should not be able to spot even “good” dental care. It should simply look natural. Even other dentists should have to look twice to see if your teeth are natural or the result of quality dental care. Hygiene: Your mouth and breath should be fresh, with no halitosis. Bad breath indicates stomach or dental decay and bad teeth and gums. your gums and teeth healthy. Each tooth should be 100% germ-free. Dental treatment of any kind should never be detrimental to your oral heath nor cause bad great or inflamed gums. Its not an understatement to say: “Health starts in the mouth”.

 The body is the temple of the soul. Both must be in harmony.

I reveal to all my patients “The 4 secrets your dentist never tells you”, an holistic approach to empowering you, for motivating and maintaining health and preventing gum disease, tooth decay, tooth and bone loss. If you have read the above, you should now be feeling quite empowered. 

Dr. med. dent. Garry Bonsall
Dental Surgeon 
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